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The Truth About Colon Cleansing


This is the plain truth about colon cleansing and my experience with the 30 Day Ultimate Colon Cleanse Kit. I have included pictures when anything unusual was passed and you have my day by day details about how the cleanse worked for me. Including how it made me feel in my day to day activities.

I should give you a little bit of my background first so you are all up to date. I suffered for years with intestinal problems and basically grew up on antibiotics since I had pneumonia 8 times as a child. I also had bronchitis every year until I was about 13. These antibiotics did a number on my intestines and I'm sure whipped out most of my good bacteria. At about 11 years old I got a case of diarrhea that lasted 30 days.

In my adult years I suffered problems on a daily basis and the pain progressively got worse not to mention the problems I had every morning before I could leave the house. I did a 30 day colon cleanse in 1998 and that made me feel better for about a year. In 1999 I did another one and the beneficial effects lasted about 6 months.

In 2003 I discovered I had an overgrowth of candida yeast. It took me 10 months to get rid of the candida and I did not do another colon cleanse at that time. I should have, I would have gotten rid of the candida faster.

Since the candida I eat a pretty good diet and limit my grains and sugars and eat fresh raw or steamed foods on a daily basis. My red meats are wild, produce conventionally grown, and I drink reverse osmosis filtered water. My diet isn't perfect but it is better than most Americans.

It is now February 26, 2007 and I am 45. I am way overdue for this cleanse and the results I feel are going to be interesting. I think by sharing what happens to me, the plain truth about colon cleansing will be apparent to you. We all have parasites and if you have never done a cleanse, you have compacted wastes that need to be removed from your body whether you believe it or not.

Day 1: I received the Ultimate Colon Cleanse and took my first round as directed. I did notice on the directions it says take 1 scoop of the powder with water. Only thing is, there is no scooper? But on the container it says serving size is 1 tbls so I'll go with that. Since this is going to be a Total Body Cleanse, I am also taking the cellular zeolites for heavy metal cleansing 3 times a day as well. I will report in tomorrow.

Day 2: I haven't noticed anything unusual so far other than the last 2 days my stools, 3 of them, have been huge. About 14 inches long. It is amazing we all walk around with so much waste inside us everyday.

Day 3: Went twice today, nothing unusual.  

Day 4: Nothing unusual. Went once but it was huge.

Day 5: Nothing Unusual. I'm supposed to double the dose of parasite capsules from here on.

Day 6 and 7: Nothing unusual to report. I have been going 2 or 3 times a day again.

Day 13:  There has been nothing unusual up until today when this morning I had the biggest bowel movement of my life. I kid you not, I was seriously worried about plugging up the toilet and I should have took a picture and posted it for the unbelievers. At this point in the colon cleanse I don't think I have any parasites. At least I have not seen any but then some are so small you can't see them. Will report back in when something else worthy happens to talk about.

Day 30:  Well, I don't think I have parasites and this cleanse has worked so well I am going to cut it short at 30 days instead of 90. I feel really good having lost 8 pounds and my stomach is as flat as I have seen it for quite awhile. This cleanse worked beautifully and is a bargain compared to the price of other cleanses.

Follow up around Day 40: All in all I feel great and have decided that at least once a year I am going to do a 30 day Ultimate Colon Cleanse.

Since I did this colon cleanse my oldest daughter started having problems with constipation. It got so bad she was throwing up because she hadn't gone the bathroom for so long.

A few doctors told me she might have colon cancer or need surgery for a twisted colon. Well...we didn't do any of that, instead we put her on the Ultimate Colon Cleanse for 30 days. Problem solved!

She absolutely loved the stuff and she recommended it to all her friends and they did it too with great results. Needless to say she no longer has a problem having a bowel movement everyday thanks to the Ultimate Colon Cleanse.



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