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Colon Cleansing Product Reviews

There are dozens of colon cleansing product on the market these days. There is everything from magnesium powders and herbal cleansers to diatomaceous earth. Some work and some don't, some work for some people and do not work for others. What seems to work the best for everyone and is the only thing I would put in my body, are the herbal colon cleansing products.

The herbal colon cleansing products are the only way to get rid of parasites as well. In my opinion, it really makes no sense to do a colon cleansing and not kill any possible parasites. Yet, many people do just that seemingly unaware they probably have parasites.

I am going to review three of the top colon cleansing products based on a user perspective and from a holistic medicine perspective. As well as an economic price perspective. Just because a cleanse is more expensive than another doesn't mean it is any more effective. 

The Colon Cleansing Product Reviews

Colonix has to be one of the most popular colon cleansing products on the market. It has been around since 1998 and thousands of colon cleansing kits have been sold. The product does work beyond all doubt, but it is expensive in my opinion.

The Complete Cleanse System is a very different colon cleanse product. It does not use as many of the herbs but an Oxygen type product to cleanse the intestine in conjunction with a parasite product. What makes this colon cleanse product unique is it has an added ingredient that prepares the liver for cleansing. The liver cleanse absolutely works, but this type of cleanse can be done quite easily with simple items purchased at a grocery store. See the link to the left about liver cleansing for full instructions.

The Ultimate Colon Cleanse is an herbal based colon cleansing product that comes with a very good 8-strain probiotic to further clean and raise the ph in the intestine. Raising the alkalinity of the intestines is very important because all harmful pathogens, yeasts, bad bacteria, and other microforms love to swim and live in waste and the acidity it creates.

There are a ton of other colon cleanse products on the market. They will use capsules, tablets, herbs, and magnesium as a way to cleanse the colon. Most have dosages way to small to be really effective and dislodge long standing compacted wastes. They will however get you going everyday if having a bowel movement is one of your problems.

Most of them will not address the parasite issue we all have whether we like it or not. Those that do suggest taking the kit for 15 or 21 days and that is not long enough. The gestation period of a female roundworm is roughly 2 to 3 months. At around 1 1/2 months it begins to lay 200,000 eggs per day. Although most of these eggs will be expelled in the stool, some won't, and when they hatch, guess what? You are now re-infected. By doing a complete cleanse for 3 months you can get all the parasites and the larvae from newly hatched eggs. So, always do a 3 month cleanse. 

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