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Candida Cleanse 

Cleanse yourself of candida yeast for good

Candida cleanse and yeast cleansing systems and programs are vast and varied these days and everyone seems to have there own ideas on how to go about it. But many of these sites don't take into account the cause of these infections. They all seem address the overuse of antibiotics link and what it does to good bacterial levels, but there are other possible underlying problems. Problems that need to be addressed if you are going to be successful with any candida cleanse.

I am not going to get into the basic reasons people get candida, you probably have been to many sites by now and are aware that antibiotics and other prescription medications, poor diets, and conditions like diabetes can all play a roll. But I would like to get into what a lot of people don't know about candida. I'll try to keep it brief but to the point.

Little Known Causes of Candida Yeast

Mercury poisoning is a huge issue with candida yeast infections. The EPA has recently disclosed that 1 in 6 women now have mercury levels high enough in their bodies to cause brain development problems in the fetus when pregnant.

Many doctors such as Michael Biamonte have tested the mercury levels in his patients with various illnesses and have discovered that 84% of his patients with candida had elevated mercury levels, and that these levels were 60% higher than normal. The exact same numbers held for patients with parasites that seem to go hand in hand with candida. 86% of his patients with Epstein Barr Virus had mercury levels elevated by 68%. For those with chemical sensitivities, 85% were 70% elevated, and with chronic urinary tract infections, 82% were 68% elevated. Most other conditions were much lower.

Dr. J. Trowbridge has written in his book "The Yeast Syndrome," that some doctors specializing in candida treatment have reported to him that they have discovered clinically that 98% of their patients with chronic candida also had mercury toxicity.

Mercury disrupts the pituitary, thyroid, hypocampus and adrenal gland. These disruptions help bring on fatigue, mind fog, short term memory loss, concentration problems, and headaches. People can lose their sense of balance. Women can develop early menopause and endodemitriosis from loss of proper hormone regulation. Many of these symptoms are blamed on candida when instead it is mercury.

It is now recognized that candida yeast is an immune system response to high levels of mercury and I personally also suspect lead and aluminum. It has the ability to absorb its weight in mercury and by doing so keeps it from being re-absorbed into the body from the colon as the body tries to detox itself. In order to find success with the candida cleanse you have to remove the mercury at the same time.

If you have recurring vaginal candida infections you have definite hormone problems. Many websites have this theory that candida yeast loves progesterone...nothing could be further from the truth and I can prove it.

In a tests done in 1999 by Paul L. Fidel Jr., Jessica Cutright, and Chad Steele of Louisiana State University, and published in the American Society of Microbiology in 2000. They found that progesterone has no effect on vaginal candida in mice but excess estrogen promoted its growth. They also found that excess estrogen reduced the ability of skin cells to prevent colonization of candida on the vaginal walls.

Estrogen is also responsible for glycogen levels in the vagina and glycogen feeds yeast. It has also been linked to breast cancer and reduced function of the Thymic gland. The Thymic gland helps immune system t-cells that are grown in the bone marrow mature. At a certain stage of t-cell growth in the bone marrow they migrate to the thymic gland to mature. Upon maturity of the t-cells, the thymic gland releases them into the body.

There is also believed to be some kind of t-cell lymphocyte problem that allows colonization by the mycelial form of candida in the vagina. Once established it begins to reproduce the spore form of candida or yeast, which as the ability to split itself in two and multiply at an astounding rate, it can double every hour. Are these t-cell problems a direct result of to much estrogen? I think so because of reduced Thymic gland function.

It has also been proven that the normal vaginal flora is greatly altered in women with vaginal candida yeast and that many times candida can live right along side acidophilus without any problems. The fact that it can do this kind of throws the just take acidophilus and it will go away theory right out the window.

Many women also have been found to have low zinc plasma levels and this reduces immune function. In some women it has been found that there is a defect in a prostaglandin secretion by the patients macrophages which blocks the proliferatory response of the lymphocytes that kill yeasts.

Other patients have decreased killing function by peripheral neutrophils, and deficiencies in IgA secretory componant in vaginal samples. IgA deficiencies are very common and the condition is for life. Of course excessive glucose levels are a problem and this can be secondary to low grade bacterial infection

But, the biggest problem I see is to much estrogen! So if you suffer from vaginal candida in order for candida cleanse to be effective you must reduce this hormone level.

Of course bad diets that change the ph of the intestine and therefore kill good bacteria that crowd candida yeast out are a major contributor to candida.

Candida Builds Resistance to Drugs

Candida also has the ability to adapt to modern medicines and become resistant to them if they are used for to long just like bacteria. For instance, Diflucan use has created a epidemic of candida glabrata, which is a single celled yeast that does not become multicellular like candida. Boric acid is the only effective modern medicine for this at this time.

Candida also has the ability to shape shift from a rod like colony to a flat colony as a means of survival. Some spcies can shift into seven different forms. It can hide from Diflucan below the layers of the skin and when the Diflucan has left the body in about 3 days it re-infects you.

If you use natural therapies for your candida cleanse you should rotate them so it cannot build resistance and its becomes confused when to hide. There are also some things that it does not have any resistance to that should be taken and when you combine these with herbs, the candida cleanse becomes very effective.

Herbal Remedies for Candida Yeast




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