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 Cleansing and Your Health  

Is it really necessary to do any kind of cleanse?

Dr. Elson M. Haas, M.D. said, "I consider the cleansing and detoxification process to be the missing link in Western nutrition and a key to the health and vitality of our civilization."

Dr. Joel Fuhrman, M.D. stated, "Cleansing does not merely detoxify; it also breaks down fat, abnormal cells, fat deposits in arteries, and tumors; then releases these diseased tissues into the circulation for elimination."

Dr. Bernard Jenson, the father of iridology in the U.S. and foremost expert in colon research and therapy thinks cleansing is important, he said; "It is an indisputable fact that illness, old age, and even death itself are due to the accumulation of waste products (within the body) ... to the inability of the body to replenish its cellular structures and organs with fresh, vital nutrients."  

In 2000 the Environmental Working Group performed tests for modern day environmental pollutants on 94 people. They tested for over 538 common chemicals we are exposed to in our modern lives. They tested blood, urine, umbilical cord fluid, and breast milk. They found 457 chemicals different chemicals in these people.

In another EWG test on 9 people covering 214 industrial pollutants and chemicals. They found 171 chemicals and 56 of those were proven carcinogens and were found in all 9 people. You can review the studies here.

Women bear the brunt of these toxins found in the body because of higher body fat than men according to a study done in Califirnia called, "Confronting Toxic Contamination in Our Communities: Women's Health and California's Future."

The Canadian Medical Association reported in 1999 that the incidence of some cancers affecting young males had risen 60% during the last 30 years, and the evidence indicated that this increase was directly attributable to environmental pollutants.

Dr Philippe Grandjean, from the Department of Environmental Medicine at the University
of Southern Denmark in Winslowparken and Prof Philip Landrigan, from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York; recently identified 202 toxic chemicals in our environment that we are all exposed to.

Writing in the on-line version of The Lancet medical journal, Grandjean and Landrigan conclude: "The combined evidence suggests that neurodevelopmental disorders caused by industrial chemicals has created a silent pandemic in modern society."  

Today, it is estimated that lead poisoning in children costs the US economy $43 billion each year. One in six children is thought to have some kind of developmental disability, usually involving the nervous system. The sad thing is, these children's mothers were probably exposed to lead if they were born between 1960 and 1980, and the EWG determined in their tests that all of these chemicals including lead, are passed right along to the fetus.

Since 1979 the U.S. has used thermosal in vaccines as a preservative and thermosal is a form of mercury. This led to a jump in autism among children at almost epidemic rates. Autistic children are also inclined to have high lead levels in their body's. Where did the lead come from? It had to come from the mother as the fetus was developing. The introduction of the vaccines pushes the delicate toxic state of these children over the edge and they develop autism.

Forsenic doctors have confirmed that the average persons colon is 80% plugged from compacted wastes in their colons at the time of death. This waste commonly weighs 20 to 25 pounds and some people have even more, like Elvis Presley who had 40 pounds when he died.

All these things can be avoided with cleansing on a yearly basis. There is an effective cleanse designed to remove heavy metals, chemical toxins, parasites that 85% or more of us have, candida, along with the pounds of compacted wastes lining our colons. 

I have outlined all the different kinds of cleansing a person can do and the easiest ways to go about them. The whole body cleanse can be done all at one time with no ill effects and will leave you feeling like a million bucks. I did the whole body cleanse as outlined on the My Colon Cleanse link to your left. 

If you have any questions about cleansing or any of the cleanses I have listed on this site? Feel free to contact me from the contact page of this website.




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